About Us

What Wand – the online wand shop for the modern day witch or wizard. Looking for a wand unique to you? Using our magically designed site, enter in your details and the wand will choose you! Why not give it a try in our shop. A witch’s or wizard’s wand will be the most powerful magical tool they will possess….and of course, you’ll never get such good results with another wizard’s wand!

Each of our wands consists of a handle, middle, tip and core. For storage, repairs and maintenance the wand can be assembled or disassembled simply unscrew the tip, unscrew the handle and and slide off the middle. However, What Wand can not be held responsible for any mishaps occurring whilst dis-assembling your wand (it is magical after all!). Check out our wand anatomy for more details.

We also offer a spares and repairs service if any mishaps occur. Additionally, if you would like to choose your wand design we also offer this service.

Now, for some serious stuff:

  • Each wand is based on your answers to the questions in our shop and individual to you (the chance of a copy being 1 in 24,000!)
  • Each wand is made in our wizarding workshop using the most cutting edge magical technology
  • Due to our production techniques and individual nature of the wands, please allow 1-2 weeks for your wand to be created and received
  • If you require a rush order please use our contact form and we will see what we can do
  • Our wands are made from wood and plastic composite materials
  • Our wands are not toys and should be treated with the respect they deserve
  • No magical creatures are harmed in the making of our wands. What Wand is a believer in the fair treatment of all magical creatures