Wand Anatomy

Each wand consists of 4 parts; a Handle, a Middle, a Tip and a Core. On first receiving your wand you will need to assembly it. Simply:

  1. Insert the Core into the Handle and slide the Middle over the top
  2. Screw the Middle into the Handle
  3. Screw the Tip into the Middle

At any time, you can dismantle your wand to view the core inside, or make necessary repairs. But be warned – wands are magical and What Wand can not be held responsible for breakages or spells back-firing due to over handling or incorrect wand maintenance. If you do need any spares or repairs please visit our repair shop.



Whether chosen by your wand, or selected by yourself, the main components of your wand will consist of a wood composite material in 13 different colours; Birch, Rowan, Ash, Alder, Willow, Hawthorn, Oak, Holly, Hazel, Vine, Ivy, Reed and Elder. These are hand finished and lightly polished. Over the years, you may be required to give your wand an additional polish. Simply use a soft, clean cloth to buff up the surface.



Here at What Wand we currently work with 3 different magical cores; Dragon Heartstring, Unicorn Hair and Phoenix Tail Feather. These have been ethically sourced and are bound within a plastic composite material.